Born 1986, in eastern France. My works explore human society, with a particular emphasis on man’s conflicting relationships with his surroundings. Without defending a Manichean view, this research takes form of visual narratives but is not of a documentary nature. If a photography series naturally becomes a document, my intention focuses more on perception and the way these places are a reflection of ourselves. By the silent line illustrates how the remains of our urban habitat transformations drift through time and questions the permability between their past and future uses.

All pictures are made through large format photography using a view camera and colour negatives.

Personal Exhibitions

La passerelle, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France

Kena Artists' Initiative, Bangalore, India | In collaboration with Bright Lights. Big Cities.

Group exhibitions & Art Fairs

Fotofever, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France
French Institute of Lithuania, Vilnius, Lithuania
Rencontres photographiques du 10e, Gare de l'Est train station, Paris, France
Marges, Düo gallery, Paris, France | In collaboration with Bright Lights. Big Cities.
Kaunas Photo Festival, Meno Parkas gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania
Foreboding, SANS gallery, Oslo, Norvway

Art Takes Miami, Scope International Contemporary Art Show, Miami Beach, United States
Young photographers exhibition award, Fine Art gallery, Traismauer, Austria
The colours of architecture, La Chambre gallery, Strasbourg, France

Awards & Honors

Rencontres photographiques du 10e, laureat

Archifoto, International Awards of Architectural Photography, selected
Moscow International Foto Awards, honorable mention

Publications, Press & Blogs

Le Point, France - 2015/12
Alternópolis, Spain - 2015/09
Yorokobu, Spain - 2015/09
Feature Shoot, United States - 2015/09
LCP television, France - 2015/01
Landscape Magazine 2014 winter issue, United Kingdom - 2014/12
Platform Magazine, France - 2014/11
SNCF Radio, France - 2014/10
Il post, Italy - 2014/10
L'Obs, France - 2014/09
Slate, United States - 2014/09
Première, France - 2014/09
Monde Mosaic - 2014/09
Fubiz, France - 2014/09
Canvas, United Kingdom - 2014/09
Ufunk, France - 2014/08
La boite verte, France - 2014/08
Lense, France - 2014/08
Graficzny, Poland - 2014/08
Fotografia, Italy - 2014/08
This Is Colossal, United States - 2014/08
Bite-zine - 2014/08
Made You Look, Germany - 2014/08
Publico, Portugal - 2014/08
Designtaxi, United States - 2014/08
Joia magazine, Chile - 2014/08
Etoday, Russia - 2014/08
Rooms Magazine, United Kingdom - 2014/07
Urbanautica - 2014/07, United Kingdom - 2014/07
Calamita/à, Italy - 2014/07
Another | Place, Scotland - 2014/07

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